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District Governor Sheryl Christenson Presentation

Asst. District Governor, Mike Lundy introduced Yuma Rotary's guest speaker, District Governor, Sheryl Christensen.

Sheryl shared her passion to combat polio began when her childhood friend was diagnosed with it. Because of Rotary's dedication to eradication, there are only 24 known cases throughout the world!

Sheryl announced Rotary has been ranked the #4 charitable foundation throughout the world and commends the efforts of Rotarians throughout District 5500 for their dedic...ation to local and international projects.

Sheryl shared her goals as District Governor are to increase Rotary membership and become involved with the Rotary Rose Parade Float and Rotary Vocational Friends of Arizona program.

In closing, Sheryl asked Yuma Rotarians to participate in the Rotary Conference in Atlanta from June 10-14 and the District Conference held in Yuma April 28-30 at the Pivot Point.